AAGBI Council

Dr Paul A Clyburn (Cardiff) Dr Paul A Clyburn (Cardiff)
Email: President@aagbi.org
Dr Andrew J Hartle Dr Andrew J Hartle (London)

Immediate Past President
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org

Dr Kathleen Ferguson (Aberdeen) Dr Kathleen Ferguson (Aberdeen)
Honorary Treasurer
Email: HonTreasurer@aagbi.org
Dr Mike Nathanson (Nottingham) Dr Mike Nathanson (Nottingham)
Honorary Secretary
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org
Dr Nancy Redfern Dr Nancy Redfern (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Honorary Membership Secretary
Email: HonMembSecretary@aagbi.org

Dr Andrew Klein (Cambridge)
Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia
Email: editor-in-chief@aagbi.org

Dr Samantha Shinde (Bristol)
Immediate Past Honorary Secretary
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org
Dr Paul Barker (Norwich)
Honorary Treasurer Elect
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org
Dr Upma Misra (Sunderland) Dr Upma Misra (Sunderland)
Honorary Membership Secretary Elect
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org

Dr Richard Griffiths (Peterborough)
Vice President
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org

Professor Steve M Yentis (London)
Vice President
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org

Dr Rachel Collis (Cardiff)
Vice President
Email: secretariat@aagbi.org

 Dr Guy Jackson

Dr Guy Jackson (Reading)
Elected Member

 Dr Gerry Keenan

Dr Gerry Keenan (Edinburgh)
Elected Member

 Tim Meek

Dr Tim Meek (Middlesbrough)
Elected Member


Dr Ravi Gill (Southampton)
Elected Member

  Dr Elizabeth McGrady (Glasgow)

Elected Member


Dr Tei Sheraton (Cardiff)
Elected Member


Dr Craig Bailey
Elected Member


Dr William Fawcett
Elected Member


Dr Ravishankar Rao Baikady
Elected Member

Emma Plunkett Dr Emma Plunkett (Birmingham)
Chair of GAT Committee
Dr Sally El-Ghazali (London)
GAT Honorary Secretary

 Isabeau Walker Dr Isabeau A Walker (London)
AAGBI Foundation Trustee
Archie Norton Mr Archie Naughton
Lay Member & AAGBI Foundation Trustee
Dr David Ray
Convenor, Scottish Standing Committee
Dr Deidre Conway Dr Deidre Conway
GAT Vice Chair
Col Duncan Parkhouse
Defence Anaesthesia Representative
Dr Kevin Bailey
Convenor, Irish Standing Committee
Dr Kevin Carson
President, College of Anaesthetists of Ireland
Dr Liam Brennan
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists
Olivera Potparic Dr Olivera Potparic
Chair SAS Committee
Dr Peter Maguire Dr Peter Maguire
Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia, British Medical Association Consultant Committee