Elections to the Board/Council of the AAGBI

N.B. Nominations to the AAGBI Board/Council open on Wednesday 1 March and will close at 17:00, Friday 07 April 2017

Whether your passion is for education, international relations, safety, trainees, wellbeing, mentoring, independent practice, research, environmental issues, innovation, heritage, developing guidelines, or being on the editorial boards of Anaesthesia or Anaesthesia News, there is something for everyone. As a membership organisation representing more than 11,000 anaesthetists, the AAGBI prides itself in serving its members and helping them care for their patients. While difficult to sum up in just a few words, it is about safety, education, wellbeing, and also a lot more. 
Being on the AAGBI Council and Board is fun and rewarding. Each new Council member is allocated a buddy to guide them through their first year, and we encourage individuals to come up with fresh ideas and challenge the old ones! We have a number of significant projects and work streams that Council members assist with and oversee:
  • developing a long-term strategy
  • a new membership database and linked redesign of the website
  • the expansion of our e-learning resource (‘Learn@AAGBI’)
  • a rebranding project
  • a national programme to train mentors and provide members with access to mentoring
  • highlighting the dangers of fatigue and recommending suitable rest facilities to employers
  • publicising the effects of ageing (of both patients and their anaesthetists)
  • an environmental task group working on sustainability with partners in anaesthesia and wider healthcare
All this is in addition to the regular, ongoing work on our hugely popular guidelines, developing our meetings, safety initiatives, our membership services, and our international programmes, research grants and prizes.
All elected Council members have equal voting rights and are elected to represent the whole specialty. The AAGBI employs about 30 staff and has a turnover of more than £4 million per year. Candidates must be ordinary members of the AAGBI in good standing and must be eligible to serve as company directors and charity trustees (the legal bit!).
Elected members are expected to attend monthly Council and Board meetings and will be allocated to two or three other committees (such as Finance, International Relations, Safety, Education, Anaesthesia News, Membership Services, Research and Grants, Heritage). All of the meetings are on a Friday, so elected members should expect to be at the AAGBI’s headquarters at 21 Portland Place, London, at least two Fridays a month; always the first Friday and usually one other. You may not be able to attend all of the meetings, but you will be encouraged to attend most of them and we now have the facility for videoconferencing. In addition, Council members are asked to attend WSM London, Annual Congress and the Linkman meeting. You may also be asked to represent the AAGBI at Core Topics meetings or Seminars, and at occasional external meetings, such as at the RCoA. These meetings may be on other days of the week. 
The election is for a 4-year term. I advise that you talk to your Clinical Director or Medical Director before seeking nomination; it’s useful to have departmental and Trust support for this work, and to ensure you are able to come to London on Fridays. It is not essential to be an expert on any of the programmes or projects I have described, it is your experience, common sense and enthusiasm that the Association needs. 
So if you are interested in joining us...please do stand for election! I would not hesitate in encouraging you to be part of the AAGBI family; we laugh together and work hard together to make a difference to improve safety, education and wellbeing in anaesthesia. I would be more than happy to chat to you about life at the AAGBI. 
The closing date for nominations is 17:00, Friday 07 April 2017 and the successful candidates will take up their positions from the Annual Members' Meeting at Annual Congress in Liverpool in September. 
AAGBI Honorary Secretary, Dr Mike Nathanson

Mike Nathanson
AAGBI Honorary Secretary