Anaesthesia and the environment


Welcome to the AAGBI’s Anaesthesia and the environment section of the website.  Here you can find our policy statement on the environment and latest news and information for anaesthetists concerned about reducing the environmental impact of their clinical practice.

AAGBI Environmental Policy statement - follow link to view »

What can you do?

‘Green anaesthesia’ is really just an extension of actions that you ordinarily take to reduce your personal impact on the environment. Find out more »

Facts and figures

• The NHS produces 3% of all UK carbon dioxide emissions
• The NHS has a carbon footprint of ~ 19 million tonnes
• 408,000 tonnes of solid waste are produced annually by the NHS (4% of UK total), 29% of which is solid waste
• Less than 10% of NHS solid waste is recycled
• The NHS can save £180 million annually by reducing its carbon emissions
• Approximately 2300kg of anaesthetic waste is produced annually per theatre
• 40% of anaesthetic theatre waste is potentially recyclable
• Only 4% of sharps bin waste is appropriate disposed of

Caring for the environment?

Further reading about the public health and economic consequences of climate change and the moral case for urgent action by anaesthetists. Read more »