The AAGBI recognises that our actions have an impact on the environment around us and regards sustainability and climate change as a key strategic issue. The environmental task group was established in 2013 to lead on this issue.

AAGBI environmental task group scope and remit:

  • Lead the specialty on environmental matters and green anaesthesia
  • Consider how the AAGBI interacts with other agencies and stakeholders to promote green healthcare across the profession
  • Examine what the AAGBI does itself in terms of environmental sustainability
  • Regular review of the AAGBI environmental policy statement
  • Campaign for greener healthcare
  • Create a focus of expertise/information sharing on environmental sustainability
  • Promote research on environmental issues
  • Create networks of environmental champions
  • Develop awards and an environmental fellowship that recognise excellence in sustainability in the specialty
  • Support and contribute to the environmental session at the Annual Congress

The AAGBI environmental task group members include:

  • Dr Samantha Shinde, AAGBI Immediate Past Honorary Secretary (Chair)
  • Dr Mike Nathanson, AAGBI Honorary Secretary
  • Dr Tei Sheraton, AAGBI Elected Council Member
  • Ms Karin Pappenheim, AAGBI Exective Director
  • Dr Stu White
  • Dr Frank Swinton
  • Dr Lucy Williams, RCoA Council lead for sustainability
  • Dr Tom Pierce, RCoA representative
  • Mr Paul Sim, Barema representative
  • Dr Cathy Lawson, GAT repesentative
  • Ms Catherine Max, Lay member
  • Ms Gemma Campbell, AAGBI Head of Support Services.