GAT (Group of Anaesthetists in Training) represents the interests of trainee anaesthetists across the UK and Ireland. There are 3500 members of GAT. GAT members account for around one third of the total membership of the AAGBI. GAT is run by the elected GAT Committee, and has members sitting on the Board of Directors of the AAGBI and representation on many other committees including the Intensive Care Society Trainee Committee and the BMA Junior Doctors Committee.

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The Government’s response to the review of the impact and implementation of the European Working Time Directive on the NHS (12 August 2014) »


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GAT Handbook 2013 - 2014

GAT Handbook 2013 - 2014
The GAT Handbook 2013-2014
The latest edition of the GAT Handbook contains valuable information for trainees and consultants.

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Trainee Network Leads

Trainee networks

This new initiative aims to enhance direct dialogue between trainees and the GAT committee and to help develop a network system to facilitate communication of issues, ideas & opportunities.

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