AAGBI Research Grants

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain & Ireland and Anaesthesia awarded research grants in February 2016.  Priority was given to proposals that support the AAGBI’s research aims:

  • Patient safety
  • Innovation
  • Clinical outcomes
  • Education and training
  • Related professional issues (e.g. standards and guidelines, working conditions, medico-legal issues)
  • The environment

The strategy is also informed by the results from the Anaesthesia and Perioperative Care Priority Setting Partnership which concluded in 2015.

To have a chance of being successful, applications for AAGBI funding must clearly demonstrate how the proposed project meets the above aims, as well as providing value for money. Projects which are not clearly aligned with our aims will be removed from the process before peer review.

Suitable projects may be research studies, small clinical projects, idea (innovation) development, observational studies/data collection, quality improvements and clinical audits (though the latter are unlikely to receive AAGBI funding if they are small, ‘routine’ local audits). Any amount of funding may be sought, but every item of cost must be specified and will be carefully scrutinised during the awards process; applications for unreasonable or unrealistic amounts of funding will not proceed to the final stage of the process. Typical amounts might be in the order of £1000-10,000 for small projects, and up to £20,000 for larger projects, but these are not fixed and the AAGBI wishes to be as flexible as possible whilst ensuring good value for money.

Please note that this process is run by the AAGBI within the National Institute for Academic Anaesthesia (NIAA) structure. Certain projects/applications may be referred to the NIAA for consideration at the next main NIAA funding round.
Awards will be made via the NIAA and, if appropriate, will be eligible for NIHR portfolio status.

Applications were reviewed by a small group consisting of members of the Research & Grants committee and external assessors based on declared research interests.

The closing date for applications was Friday 15 January 2016.

External Assessors

Prof Dave Lambert, Leicester
Dr Matthew Mackenzie, Surrey
Dr Graeme McLeod, Dundee
Dr Craig Morris, Derbyshire
Dr Simon Parrington, Surrey
Dr Jaimin Patel, Birmingham
Dr Stephanie Phillips, Sydney, Australia
Dr John Rutherford, Dumfries and Galloway
Dr Rhona Sinclair, Newcastle upon Tyne
Dr Matthew Wiles, Sheffield
Dr Matthew Wilson, Derbyshire
Dr Stephen Wright, Newcastle upon Tyne

Members of reviewing panels are asked to declare potential Conflicts of Interest (CoI) on appointment. Relevant applications will not be reviewed by panel members with a CoI, and they will be asked to recuse themselves from any discussion about that application or any others in the same grant round.


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