Grants and awards for undergraduates

Undergraduate Essay Prize / Wylie Medal (Cash Prize and a Medal) 

The Wylie Medal 2016 was awarded to the most meritorious essay on this year’s topic “Anaesthetist or perioperative physician” written by an undergraduate medical student at a university in Great Britain or Ireland. The overall winner will receive the Wylie Medal in memory of Dr W Derek Wylie, President of the AAGBI 1980-82.

The Association recognises that many medical schools also offer prizes to medical students for essays on a topic related to anaesthesia and has decided that the winning of a local prize will not preclude entry for the essay prize. However applicants must inform the AAGBI if funding or a prize is being sought from other bodies.

Essays should be prepared according to the general format of the ‘Notice to Contributors’ found here »

All applicants should be the sole author of their essay. The word limit is 1000 words (excluding references and headings). Some essays may be published online or in Anaesthesia News, depending on their suitability and at the discretion of the AAGBI. All essay submissions will be subject to a plagiarism check and the results will be considered as part of the judging process.

The winners for the 2016 Undergraduate Essay Prize entitled Anaesthetist or perioperative physician” were:

1st prize - Miss Charlotte Dunn

=2nd prize - Mr Peter Killeen
=2nd prize - Miss Andreana Panayi
=2nd prize - Mr Preemal Patel
=2nd prize - Mr Paul Traynor

Examples of previous winning essays are available to download below.

2015 Wylie Medal winner's essay »

2014 Wylie Medal winner's essay »
2013 Wylie Medal winner's essay »
2012 Wylie Medal winner's essay »
2011 Wylie Medal winner's essay »

Undergraduate Elective Funding

Applications are invited from medical students studying in Great Britain and Ireland (subject to confirmation of eligibility) to apply to the AAGBI Foundation for funding towards a medical student elective period taking place between October 2016 and March 2017. A further round of funding will be advertised in the autumn for electives taking place from April 2017 onwards. Overseas students should ensure that they are permitted to apply for charitable funding.

Preference will be given to those applicants who can show the relevance of their intended elective to anaesthesia, intensive care or pain relief. Applicants may wish to note that a key focus of the AAGBI is support for projects in the developing world

To complete your application you will need to supply:·

  • Your personal details
  • Details of visiting centre and dates of attendance
  • A description of experience to be gained and projects to be performed (500 words max)
  • Information about why you have chosen this speciality (200 words max)
  • The amount of funding applied for (maximum £750) broken down into travel and accommodation
  • Details of any other funding applications you have made

On the final page of the submission process which gives a summary of your application, please ensure you check the box to accept the terms and conditions and click Finish to submit. You will then receive an email confirmation and copy of your application.


The deadline for submitting applications for electives taking place between October 2016 to March 2017 has now passed.

Applications will be considered at the September meeting of the Research & Grants Committee.


If you have any queries please email

Successful applicants in 2016 round one were:

Caitriona Callan Mauritius Report to follow »
Anne Burton Ghana Report to follow »
Abbey Cahill-Kearns Birmingham, UK Download PDF report »
Christopher Lewis South Africa Download PDF report »
Martin William Gorham Australia Download PDF report »
Fei Lin Sri Lanka Report to follow »
Saba Syed London/Dublin Download PDF report »
Savan Shah India Download PDF report »
Pierre Berger Samoa Download PDF report »
Grace Hatton USA Report to follow »


Successful applicants in 2015 round two were:

Jack Eldridge New Zealand Download PDF report »

Kaitlin Mayne

New Zealand Download PDF report »
Fiona Robertson Japan Download PDF report »


Successful applicants in 2015 round one were:

Vanessa Albert Malawi Download PDF report »
Phoebe Hill South Africa Download PDF report »
Elliott Carthy West Indies Download PDF report »
Marielle Li Shetland Download PDF report »
Wesley Cheung Canada Report not received
Luke La Hausse de Lalouviere South Africa Download PDF report »
Calum Stannett Ecuador Download PDF report »
Chengyuan Zhang Nepal Download PDF report »
Alexandra Caulfield New Zealand Download PDF report »
Ashik Amlani Kuala Lumpur Report not received
Frances Wensley USA Download PDF report »

 Reports from the 2014 grant recipients are below:

Jonathan Dauncey Uganda Download PDF report »
Jennifer McBrien Australia Download PDF report »
Zachary Craft Australia Download PDF report »
Daniel Atkinson USA Download PDF report »
Benjamin Kerr Winter Israel Download PDF report »
Rachel Barker Malaysia Download PDF report »
Thomas Fitzmaurice Japan Download PDF report »
Stephanie Smith USA Download PDF report »

Reports from the 2013 grant recipients are below:

Edward Rogers South Africa Download PDF Report »
Justyna Szczachor Nepal Download PDF Report »
Kathryn Hassan Australia Download PDF Report »
Tamsin Lane Peru Download PDF Report »
Tom Lewis USA Download PDF Report »
Jakir Ullah Bangladesh Download PDF Report »
Chris Wood Borneo Download PDF Report »