The AAGBI Prize for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care, and Pain 2017 is open to all Great Britain and Ireland-based anaesthetists, intensivists and pain specialists. Thie 2017 prize will be presented at the AAGBI Winter Scientific Meeting in London 11-13 January 2017.

The aims of AAGBI Prize for Innovation:

  1. To promote innovation in anaesthesia and intensive care
  2. To help individuals in their product development journey' from concept to the finished product
  3. To facilitate introduction to the medical equipment manufacturers or relevant organisation
  4. To facilitate testing of new equipment or an idea
  5. To facilitate marketing of a new product or an idea

The AAGBI Prize for Innovation involves:


  • holding workshops/clinics and seminars on the subject
  • having regular features in Anaesthesia News and the best innovations featured in Anaesthesia 
  • having plenary or satellite sessions during Annual Congress and WSM London
  • The  AAGBI Prize for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain presented at WSM London on 11-13 January 2017.


Congratulations to the winner of the 2016 AAGBI Innovation Award
2016 - Relax Anaesthetics by Dr Peter Brooks, Consultant Anaesthetist at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. More information >

Congratulations also to the runners up:

  • Drs Jerome McCann, Rik Fijten, A Old, A Abdulgalil & V Chett, The Warrington Stabilisation Trolley’
  • Drs Lucy Miller, Helen Makins, Robert Neighbour & Roger Eltringham, ‘Effective analgesia in difficult situations‘


Sponsorship opportunities
If you are interested in sponsor opportunities relating to the 2017 AAGBI Innovation Award, please contact AAGBI Marketing & Communications Manager, Stephanie Addington, email or call 020 7631 8854.


Previous winning entries for the AAGBI Prize for Innovation:

2015 - The Non Injectable Arterial Connector (NIC) by Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam
2014 - 'SAFIRA - Safe Injection System for Regional Anaesthesia by Dr Emad Fawzy.
2013 - 'The Mobile Capnograph' by Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide.
2012 -  'Air-Free Drip Chamber' by Dr James Limb and 'Ultrasound-Guided Regional Anaesthesia with an Optimised Ultrasound Transducer' by Dr Graeme McLeod.

Innovation panel

Dr Gerry Keenan
Dr Kathleen Ferguson
Dr Tim Meek
Prof Tim Cook
Dr John Goddard
Prof Judith Hall
Dr Bernie Liban
Prof Monty Mythen
Dr Patrick Magee
Prof Jaideep Pandit
Prof Robert Sneyd
Dr Neil Soni
Prof Steve Yentis

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