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Around the world people are suffering or dying unnecessarily from the lack of safe anaesthesia in surgery, something that is taken for granted in the UK.

The situation is critical in Africa, where millions lack access to safe anaesthesia.

SAFE Africa is the AAGBI’s new fundraising campaign which aims to:

  • raise £100,000 over two years
  • scale-up the delivery of three-day SAFE obstetrics and paediatrics training courses
  • and sustainably improve anaesthesia education and care in Africa in the long-term

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Over the last six years the SAFE project has trained 2,271 anaesthetic providers in 21 countries. Each one of these practitioners will go on to treat around 1,500 patients each year.

With your support over the next two years we can train even more practitioners and improve the safety of thousands of patients in Africa.

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A word from our President, Dr Paul Clyburn

Dr Paul Clyburn, AAGBI President“So many dedicated anaesthetic providers in Africa are working under challenging conditions with little or no access to quality training. It is not surprising that anaesthetic mortality and morbidity in Africa is so much worse than in the UK. The SAFE project can support sustainable education provision for local anaesthetists, by local anaesthetists.”

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What is the SAFE project?

SAFE obstetric training in Africa

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