The John Snow Silver Medal

Nominations are invited for the John Snow Silver Medal. Nominations should take the form of a short description of the nominee's contributions (maximum 500 words). Prior to submitting your nomination, you should gain approval from the nominee. Nominations, should be  emailed to, by 17:00 on 27 May 2019.

The John Snow Silver Medal was instituted in 1946. The first 3 awards were to anaesthetists who had distinguished themselves and received awards for gallantry in World War II (2 OBEs and an MC). One of these was also the Founder President and a second a distinguished academic anaesthetist.

The medal is awarded by Council to:

1) British and Irish anaesthetists who have held high office in the Association and have provided exceptional service to the Association.

2) Eminent British and Irish anaesthetists of great distinction who have not necessarily held high Association office.


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