Pask Certificate of Honour


Edgar Pask's self experimentation on life jackets during the Second World War period.

The Pask Award was instituted in 1977 after the Moorgate Underground disaster. The award is made by the Board of Directors of the AAGBI. The certificates may be presented on any suitable occasion. The award was instituted to enable the AAGBI to honour those who have rendered distinguished service, either with gallantry in the performance of their clinical duties, in a single meritorious act or consistently and faithfully over a long period.

The award was named after Professor E A Pask. Pask had a distinguished career in the Royal Air Force Medical Branch as an experimental physiologist in the Second World War. This included dangerous self experimentation requiring considerable personal courage.

The AAGBI Board of Directors awarded the Pask Award in 2016 to Matt Smith in recognition of the support given during the Leytonstone station attack
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