Membership FAQs

Q: When does the membership year begin?
A: The membership year runs from 1st July until 30th June.
Q: Do I have to send any payment with the Application Form?
A: Yes, please send payment for your initial fee via cheque made payable to AAGBI with your completed application form. If you do not have a cheque book or have any queries about how much you should pay for your initial membership, please contact the membership department.
Q: When is my membership renewed? How do I pay my fee?

Membership renewals take place on 1st July. Most members in the UK and Republic of Ireland find it convenient to have a direct debit set up. This is the preferred method of payment for the AAGBI as it saves administrative costs. A direct debit form will be included with your 'Welcome' pack, however if you haven't received a form or wish to change your direct debit details, please contact the membership department.

Members who prefer not to pay by direct debit will be sent an invoice at the end of the subscription year and will be asked to either pay online via the website's secure members’ (SAM) area, send a cheque made payable to AAGBI or to complete a form with their credit card details. 

Q: I am moving abroad for a year. Shall I temporarily suspend my membership or do you offer an overseas membership category?
A: We do have overseas membership categories available including one for trainees. As an overseas member the benefits remain the same and you would continue to receive the Journal, newsletter and guidelines. Or, your membership can be temporarily suspended until you return to the UK.
Q: I would be interested in joining the AAGBI as an overseas member. As my salary is considerably lower than that of Anaesthetists working in the UK or the Republic of Ireland, can you offer me a reduced membership rate?
A: The AAGBI does have a rate for overseas members on a limited income, this is applicable to members living and working in countries such as those in Asia, Africa, South America and Eastern Europe. The membership benefits remain the same.
Q: I am retiring soon, should I cancel my membership?
A: For a subscription fee of £43 (€56.33) per annum you can receive the journal Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia News. Or, you can cancel your subscription, but as a past member you can still receive information about all our events and also be eligible for a 50% discount at the Annual Congress and WSM London. Alternatively, for just £26 (€34.06) per annum, you can receive Anaesthesia News and our fortnightly e-Newsletter containing topical issues for anaesthetists and advertising forthcoming events.
Q: Does the AAGBI produce any guidelines or publications? Are they available to non-members?

The AAGBI produces guidelines on issues affecting anaesthetists or anaesthesia. The guidelines are usually the end product of a working party that is established to discuss a specific subject. The working party, consisting of representatives from the AAGBI together with experts from related agencies, meets regularly and then publishes its recommendations/findings in an AAGBI publication. A hard copy of a new publication is available to all members; however the text can also be accessed by anyone on the AAGBI website.

Price of a hard copy for members: Up to 5 copies of each publication free; thereafter £4.50 each.

Price of a hard copy for Non-Members: 1-50 copies £5 each, 51-100 £4 each and over 100 £3 each