Association of Anaesthetists headquarters 21 Portland Place

  Over the past year, we've been working on exciting new projects that will improve our systems to benefit you and further our digital strategy.
Welcome to our new brand
new logo of the Association of Anaesthetists 
An exciting new logo
Our new main logo is a pictorial interpretation of the poppy seed head. This links the new brand to both the history of the Association of Anaesthetists – the formal crest having two poppy heads on the shield – and to one of the key drugs in anaesthesia and pain relief, morphine.

New sub brands
We're also introducing the following sub-brands to support our core brand:

  • Association of Anaesthetists Heritage Centre
  • Association of Anaesthetists Trainees, replacing ‘GAT (Group of Anaesthetists in Training)’
Association of Anaesthetists Heritage Centre logo          Association of Anaesthetists Trainees logo
The term 'GAT' is also associated with our annual scientific meeting for anaesthetic trainees, the 'GAT ASM', so for clarity this is now known as our Trainee Conference. It is hard to overstate how much thought was given to our sub-brands. We had to think how things look to any new, untapped audience – ‘GAT’ for example only has meaning to those who already know what it stands for, where Trainees and Trainee Conference is much more meaningful.
A vibrant new colour palette
Our new brand also includes refreshing new colours. As our new logo illustrates, the principle colour is orange, with rich secondary colours that complement our core brand colour: pink, violet and blue.
Look out for our new brand
You will have received your new-look Anaesthesia News and Anaesthesia journal. If you attended this year's Annual Congress in Dublin, you will have seen our updated look there too. We'll be launching our exciting new website in early 2019, which is also designed using our new brand identity.
Front cover of the new-look Anaesthesia journal Front cover of the new-look Anaesthesia News

The rebrand is one of many digital and communications developments happening at the Association integral to our future digital strategy. We’re working hard behind the scenes to deliver an exciting new website and membership database in early 2019. While the current website may not fully reflect our new brand identity, we’ll be refreshing it so it better reflects our new look.

While we're finalising our new-look website, you can keep abreast of brand developments on this page. We've written a set of FAQs on our rebrand. We've also created a new booklet tell our brand story. You can also read about the rebrand of the Association of Anaesthetists in the September issue of Anaesthesia News. We hope you'll like our new brand as much as we do. We welcome any feedback you have by email:
New website
The new website will have a fresh and clean design making it much easier to navigate and find the content you want. It will also be mobile responsive, so you’ll be able to browse the latest news, articles, and events on the go. The website will utilise our stunning refreshed brand identity and colours, which brings a bright new perspective to the Association. It's one of the many things that we'll be rolling out with our new look and feel.
New database
The new member database will make it much easier for you to update your details and preferences. You’ll be able to subscribe or unsubscribe from specific communications. It will also make managing our growing membership community more efficient, as a lot of the administration we currently do manually will be automated.
We need your help
You might have noticed in your membership emails we asked you to make sure your contact details (including email address) are up to date. If you haven’t already done this, please log in to the members section to check we have the right information for you. This will ensure the right details are moved into the new database. Once the new website and database are launched every member will receive a personal email from us asking you to log in to the new website. For security reasons we can’t move your login details over to the new database, so we’ll ask you to log in and create a new password. Once that’s done you’ll be all set to take advantage of the improved digital experience.