Association of Anaesthetists Council

The call for nominations for election to the Board/Council has now closed. The election will be held during May.

Dr Kathleen Ferguson (Aberdeen) Dr Kathleen Ferguson (Aberdeen)
Dr Paul A Clyburn (Cardiff) Dr Paul A Clyburn (Cardiff)
Immediate Past President
Tim Meek Dr Tim Meek (Middlesbrough)
Honorary Secretary
Dr Paul Barker (Norwich)
Honorary Treasurer
Dr Upma Misra (Sunderland) Dr Upma Misra (Sunderland)
Honorary Membership Secretary
Dr Andrew Klein (Cambridge)
Editor-in-Chief, Anaesthesia
Dr Mike Nathanson (Nottingham) Dr Mike Nathanson (Nottingham)
Immediate Past Honorary Secretary

Dr Ravi Gill (Southampton)
Honorary Treasurer Elect

Dr Tei Sheraton (Cardiff)
Honorary Membership Secretary Elect



Dr Samantha Shinde (Bristol)
Vice President 

Dr Nancy Redfern Dr Nancy Redfern (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Vice President 
  Dr Elizabeth McGrady (Glasgow)

Elected Member


Dr Craig Bailey (London)
Elected Member


Prof William Fawcett (Surrey)
Elected Member


Dr Ravishankar Rao Baikady (London)
Elected Member

Dr Matthew Davies (Peterborough)

Dr Matthew Davies (Peterborough)
Elected Member

Dr Ann Harvey (Cornwall)
Elected Member

Dr Mathew Patteril (Coventry)
Elected Member

Dr Mike Kinsella (Bristol)
Elected Member
  Dr Robert Self (London)
Elected Member
  Dr Peter Young (Norfolk)
Elected Member
Dr Sally El-Ghazali (London)
Chair, Trainee Committee

Dr Simon Denning (Nottingham)
Honorary Secretary
, Trainee Committee
Dr Wouter Jonker (Sligo)
Convenor, Irish Standing Committee
Dr Paul Bourke (Aberdeen)
Convenor, Scottish Standing Committee
Steve Bree Surg Capt Steve Bree (Plymouth)
Defence Anaesthesia Representative
Dr Nick Flatt (Wigan)
Specialty Lead for Anaesthesia, British Medical Association Consultant Committee
Dr Thomas James (Harrogate)
Chair, SAS Committee
Ms Paula Keats
Lay Member & Foundation Trustee
  Dr Brian Kinirons (Galway)
President, College of Anaesthesiologists of Ireland
Prof Ravi Mahajan (Nottingham)
President, Royal College of Anaesthetists
  Dr Roopa McCrossan (Newcastle upon Tyne)
Vice Chair, Trainee Committee

Dr David Selwyn/Dr Hamish McLure
Clinical Director Network Representative
Isabeau Walker Dr Isabeau Walker (London)
Foundation Trustee

About Board and Council

There are 12 elected members of the Board of Directors, each serving for a period of four years. Nominations from members of the Association of Anaesthetists are requested annually to fill the three vacancies which arise and a ballot is held. The successful candidates take up their posts from the Annual Members’ Meeting in September. Every elected director of the Association is automatically a member of Council. The Council is an advisory body that includes representatives from other stakeholder organisations. The Council’s role is to provide strategic advice to the boards; it has no decision making powers.





Conflicts of Interests for Board & Council 2018-19

The Association holds a register of conflicts of interest which is updated annually.

Association of Anaesthetists Conflict of Interest Policy

Advice for external representatives

On some occasions expert advice is sought by the Association from outside the council. The engagement of those representing the Association is outlined in the advisers and representatives – roles and responsibilities.