The AAGBI consists of two distinct legal entities;

  • The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, a company limited by guarantee (AAGBI) 
  • The AAGBI Foundation, also a company limited by guarantee but in addition, a charity (Foundation) registered in England and Wales and in Scotland.

Each entity is governed by a Board. The Association is governed by an elected Board of Directors; the AAGBI Foundation is governed by an appointed Board of Trustees.

The Association is the sole corporate member of the Foundation and appoints the majority of the trustees. Both boards may also co-opt to fill a limited number of places.

Meet the current AAGBI Board and Council

2018 election results for Board and Council here

Every elected director of the Association is automatically a member of Council. The Council is an advisory body that includes representatives from other stakeholder organisations.

The Council’s role is to provide strategic advice to the boards; it has no decision making powers.

There are 12 elected members of the Board of Directors, each serving for a period of four years. Nominations from members of the AAGBI are requested annually to fill the three vacancies which arise and a ballot is held. The successful candidates take up their posts from the Annual Members’ Meeting in September.


New President's Report & Blog

Dr Paul Clyburn, AAGBI PresidentPresident's Report & Blog
Dr Paul Clyburn,
President, AAGBI

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Meet the AAGBI Board/Council

The Council provides strategic advice to the boards; it has no decision making powers. Find out more


Register of Interests for AAGBI Board & Council 2017-18

Annually AAGBI Board & Council members register their conflicts of interests.

Register of interests: 2017-18

Register of interests: 2016-17

AAGBI Conflict of Interest Policy

Advice for AAGBI external representatives

On some occasions expert advice is sought by the AAGBI from outside the council. The engagement of those representing the AAGBI is outlined in the AAGBI advisers and representatives – roles and responsibilities.