Environmental Policy Statement (July 2016)

The AAGBI recognises that our actions have an impact on the environment around us and that this, in turn, affects people's health and wellbeing - now and in the future. For this reason, promoting environmental sustainability is a corporate priority and we are committed to action across our own operations and to encouraging and supporting action by our members. This includes, but is not limited to: action to mitigate and adapt to the urgent imperative of climate change; prudent use of natural resources; and minimising waste.

As representatives of the profession, we will collaborate with the RCoA, the Sustainable Development Unit and other partner bodies to identify and act on opportunities to improve environmental sustainability in health and care generally and anaesthesia in particular.

As an organisation, we will provide services in a way that ensures a safe and healthy workplace and minimises negative impacts on the environment.

Our strategic priorities for action 2016-21:

In consultation with the membership, we have determined three priority areas for action, as follows:

Priority 1. Position ourselves as a leader in sustainable healthcare, promoting the specific contribution of anaesthesia while working with others.

Priority 2. Provide information and education on how to make anaesthesia greener and share good practice.

Priority 3. Continually improve our own performance in terms of environmental sustainability.