The Association of Anaesthetists recognises that our actions have an impact on the environment around us and regards sustainability and climate change as a key strategic issue. The environmental task group was established in 2013 to lead on this issue.

Our Environment and Sustainability Committee scope and remit:

  • Lead the specialty on environmental matters and green anaesthesia
  • Consider how the AAGBI interacts with other agencies and stakeholders to promote green healthcare across the profession
  • Examine what the AAGBI does itself in terms of environmental sustainability
  • Regular review of the AAGBI environmental policy statement
  • Campaign for greener healthcare
  • Create a focus of expertise/information sharing on environmental sustainability
  • Promote research on environmental issues
  • Create networks of environmental champions
  • Develop awards and an environmental fellowship that recognise excellence in sustainability in the specialty
  • Support and contribute to the environmental session at the Annual Congress

Committee members include:

Chair: Dr Samantha Shinde (Vice President)

Trainee Committee Representative: Dr Rhys Clyburn

Dr Mike Nathanson
Dr Tei Sheraton
Dr Stuart White
Dr Lucy Williams, RCoA council lead for sustainability
Dr Tom Pierce, RCoA Representative
Dr Frank Swinton
Mr Paul Sim, Barema Representative
Ms Catherine Max, Lay member
Dr Kevin Clarkson, CAI Representative
Staff lead: Ms Gemma Campbell Ms Karin Pappenheim
Secretariat lead: Miss Natalie Watson