Manufacturers - environmental profiles

Since 2012 we've been asking manufacturers to let us know about the great work they're doing with their environmental policies. The following companies have supplied information on their environmental profiles, including current initiatives and strategic aims.

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Draeger Medical Ltd

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Fisher & Paykel

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Intersurgical Ltd

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If you'd like your company to be included on this page please send the following information to

  • Name of company and homepage URL
  • General description of type of product(s) [rather than a long detailed list of each device]
  • Brief description of the company’s environmental profile, including:
  • 2-3 sentence overview
  • Historical data on carbon footprint (actual amount) + other issues e.g. plasticisers, etc
  • Strategy for reductions in the above
  • Other strategic aims and achievements relating to the environment
  • URL link to company website where specific environmental info is available (not the company’s homepage)
  • Email address of company contact for specific environmental issues (not the general enquiries address)