Should I use nitrous oxide?

Similarly to Inhalational anaesthetic agents (IAAs), nitrous oxide is a potent greenhouse gas. Although its GWP20 is less than half that of the least polluting IAA (sevoflurane), at 290, nitrous has a much greater atmospheric longevity (114 years), resulting in a GWP100 greater than sevoflurane, at 300. In addition, as a carrier gas it is usually administered in a high fractional concentration, accounting for an estimated 99.5%+ of the climate impact potential of anaesthetic gasses/IAAs (Axelson). Medical nitrous oxide accounts for approximately 1% of atmospheric nitrous oxide, or 0.07% of all global warming factors. Given that nitrous oxide also appears to worsen cardiovascular outcomes after anaesthesia, the continued use of nitrous oxide is increasingly difficult to justify.