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The Long–Term Strategy is our main strategic planning document, providing a framework for the work we do and services we provide to our members and stakeholders. This is the first Long–Term Strategy we have produced as an organisation and it clearly states our vision, strategic aims and key priorities for the next 3–5 years.

The Long–Term Strategy process helps us consider competing pressures and the links between them, and establish among Board members, committee members, staff and Association members a shared understanding of our priorities and aims. We have considered the key political, economic, social, technological and environmental factors, which, over the next few years, may impact our members and stakeholders, and the delivery of patient care and safety (for example changes in demographics of patients and the health workforce and changes to shift and pay patterns). 

Feedback welcome
This Long-Term Strategy is for consultation. We welcome any feedback and comments from members and stakeholders, please email us at honsecretary@aagbi.org.

Dr Kathleen Ferguson, President of the Association of Anaesthetists
Dr Kathleen Ferguson
President, Association of Anaesthetists
Karin Pappenheim
Ms Karin Pappenheim
Executive Director, Association of Anaesthetists