New award for excellence in sustainability
Developing a green anaesthesia agenda

The AAGBI recognises that our actions have an impact on the environment and regards global warming and climate change as pressing issues. In 2013 the Environmental Task Group of the AAGBI was formed to develop the idea of sustainable practice and to promote greener anaesthesia. Over the course of 2015/16, the Task Group is engaging with the wider membership to refine our sustainability policy and identify those actions where the specialty in general and the AAGBI in particular can make the greatest positive difference.

In 2014, we linked with Barema, the Association for Anaesthetic and Respiratory Device Suppliers, representing companies that manufacture or supply anaesthetic and respiratory equipment in the UK to establish the Barema & AAGBI Environment award. This recognises excellence in sustainability within the speciality and industry partners to further develop a greener anaesthesia agenda.

The winner of the inaugural award in 2015 was the RecoMed trial at Queen Victoria Hospital NHS and further information on the winning project can be found here. Please contact Hannah Burke ( if you require further information on the RecoMed trial.

In 2017 the Barema and AAGBI environmental award will take the format of a poster prize at the GAT ASM meeting. Submission is now closed and more details will be provided once the judging is complete.