Specialist Society Services

Our main aims are to advance and improve patient care and safety, and to promote and support education and research in the field of anaesthesia. We also represents, protects, supports and advances the interests of its members.

The Association of Anaesthetists understands that the anaesthetic specialist societies share these common goals and recognises the important contribution they make towards the advancement of the profession, and ultimately the improvement of services to their members. 

Although the Association formed close working relationships with these societies over many years, it was decided in 2003 that the Association could offer them more practical support. The Association identified that many societies relied on their Executive Officers to run their administrative functions and that they were finding this increasingly difficult to manage along with their many other commitments and increasing time constraints.

In response to this need, the Association employed a full-time coordinator to run administrative services for the specialist societies, thereby assisting them in providing a professional service for their members. The following year they also introduced an event organising service delivered by their professional events team with specific experience of medical meetings.

Today we support 20 societies and has run over 40 specialist society events. The Specialist Society Department goes from strength to strength and delivers a professional service across all aspects of administration.  We are entirely flexible, providing as much or as little support as required,  the cost of which is based on the time utilised.

We continue to grow and aim to use our knowledge and experience to develop and improve our services to the societies and their members.  Each year we hold a dedicated meeting for specialist societies, which allows common interests to be discussed. This is in addition to specific individual meetings with each specialist society to ensure that the service provided meets requirements.