Joint AAGBI & RCoA environmentally sustainable seminar

Thursday 22nd March 2018

Association of Anaesthetists

21 Portland Place


Fully booked

Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland, 21 Portland Place, London

Rarely a day goes by without some mention in the media of global temperatures, climate change and environmental sustainability But what of our own speciality? How could, or indeed should, we modify our practice to be both lean and green?

In 2009 the AAGBI hosted the first seminar on Anaesthesia and the Environment. This second seminar, hosted jointly by the Association and the RCoA will take the theme of cradle to grave. From drug and disposable manufacture to clinical use and ultimately to disposal, waste processing and recycling. To emphasise the environmental importance, the meeting will be held on NHS Sustainability Day 2018.

Open to anaesthetists, anaesthetic practitioners as well as Environmental and Sustainability Managers, the meeting aims to place anaesthesia within the global context of pressing environmental concerns and will offer all delegates practical advice to help us all contribute to climate change mitigation.

Links to the curriculum CC_D1_25, AT_D3_06


RCoA members and Sustainability Managers can register for this seminar at the AAGBI members rate.

Anaesthetic practitioners can register at the AAGBI trainee members rate.


If you are a member of the RCoA, but not a member of the AAGBI, please call 020 7631 8888 to register over the phone.

Additional event information:

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