Perioperative Ultrasound course

Wednesday 2nd October 2019

Online Course

Online Course


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Please note that the date given above is notional as this is an online course that you can do in your own time, and which is available immediately. You will receive your login details within 2 working days of purchase.

Whist Basic TTE remains the most popular use of ultrasound and the greatest demand for learning, there is increasing interest in expanding the uses of ultrasound beyond the heart. This includes lungs, vessels, gastric US, and use of ultrasound in peri-arrest or arrest situations.

Collectively the cardiac and non-cardiac uses of basic ultrasound can be called Peri-operative ultrasound

The Perioperative Ultrasound course has been designed to provide a good understanding of these areas.

This is an online course. Upon payment, the student will receive a “Getting Started” email with instructions on how to access the course materials. Course materials can be downloaded to iPad/iPhone, Android or Windows tablets or can be accessed online using a browser.


1. Lungs   

   1. Lung ultrasound diagnosis (includes diaphragm)

   2. Ultrasound-guided thoracic procedures (includes other airway)

2. Vessels

   1. Ultrasound guided vascular access techniques

   2. Peripheral veins and arteries of the upper limb

   3. Internal jugular and axillary vein cannulation

   4. Femoral artery and venous cannulation

   5. Deep vein thrombosis assessment

3. Abdomen and Peri-arrest 

   1. Basic abdominal ultrasound examination (including AAA and bladder)

   2. Ultrasound approach for Peri-arrest

   3. Gastric ultrasound

30 Case Studies

 Completion Certificate Issued upon finalising all required components.

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