Mentoring Course


As well as being established authors in the field of mentoring, we have an extensive track record of mentoring training in the NHS, throughout the UK, over more than two decades. Amongst our clients are Royal Colleges, Deaneries, NHS Trusts and professional groups. Programmes have been organised for both multi-disciplinary and single specialty groups, and also have been tailored for specific groups, such as those supporting clinicians in difficulty, and vocational trainers.


A new initiative from the Association of Anaesthetists in partnership with a nationally recognised team of trainers

This practical four day programme focuses on developing mentoring skills suitable for use in a range of leadership and clinical situations, for example with trainees, staff, colleagues and patients. The course relates to GMC Domain 1: Knowledge, skills and performance and Domain 3: Communication, partnership and teamwork.

Programme aims to:

  • Define mentoring and enable participants to understand the benefits 
  • Develop a working knowledge of a framework for mentoring: The Skilled Helper model (Egan, 2010) 
  • Develop mentoring skills 
  • Introduce different mentoring styles 
  • Explore ethical issues as well as practical applications of mentoring at work 
  • Lay the foundations for the development of a mentoring scheme

4 day programme content

The programme works through three stages of mentoring, highlighting the skills that underpin effective practice. Feedback from experienced facilitators during skill practice sessions supports participants to develop mentoring skills. Practical and professional issues arising from coaching and mentoring in the workplace are discussed and participants are encouraged to plan how they will take forward mentoring at work in their leadership and clinical roles.