Vision and purpose

To promote safe anaesthesia, critical care and associated subspecialties in low resourced environments and other overseas locations as appropriate.

 A patient undergoing surgery in the UK today will be cared for by a trained anaesthetist using up to date equipment and monitoring, and will receive effective postoperative pain relief. Anaesthesia in the UK is safer than ever, and death due solely to anaesthesia is vanishingly rare (1:200 000 procedures). In contrast, in many countries in the developing world, the death rate due to anaesthesia is increasing and is reported as high as 1 in 150 operations in some areas. Pain relief after surgery is often non-existent. Find out more »

Do health partnerships run better global health projects? An Association of Anaesthetists-AAU case study


An e-Learning DVD developed for anaesthetists working in resource-limited areas. Find out more »


International Travel Grant Funding

The International Relations Committee (IRC) considers applications from members who are seeking funding for projects usually, but not exclusively, in the developing world.

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