WAS Educational Resources

Targeting those with little or no access to text books or journals, the WAS has been key to development of two major educational publications – Update in Anaesthesia and Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week. Both of these have been so successful that they have been taken on by the World Federation of Societies of Anaesthesiologists. Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week will also soon be published on line by the AAGBI.

Update in Anaesthesia is published in paper format in English, reaching 3500 anaesthetists in 175 countries. It is also translated into Russian, Spanish and Cantonese. Editions and individual articles can be downloaded at: http://update.anaesthesiologists.org

Anaesthesia Tutorial of the Week is emailed to several hundred anaesthetists each week and the library if over 200 tutorials is available to download at: http://totw.anaesthesiologists.org