Overseas Anaesthesia Fund (OAF)

The Overseas Anaesthesia Fund (OAF) was launched by the AAGBI in 2006 to enable individuals and organizations to donate directly to AAGBI programmes that support training and promote safer anaesthesia in developing countries. OAF is involved with a variety of projects to support anaesthetists in low- and middle-income countries. The AAGBI Foundation administers the Overseas Anaesthesia Fund. All administrative costs are met by the Foundation, so that all money that you donate goes directly to support the projects supported by OAF.

Major projects currently include a book donation programme, support for anaesthesia fellows in Uganda, the SAFE obstetric anaesthesia course and the global pulse oximetry project, Lifebox. OAF also supports anaesthesia equipment donations in certain circumstances.

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Help make a difference to people working on the ground with few resources.

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Overseas Anaesthesia Fund

Young member of the AAGBI

Supporting training and promoting safer anaesthesia in developing countries.
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AAGBI Anaesthesia Fellow

Dr Arthur Kwizera 
The first AAGBI Anaesthesia Fellow

“Because of the support I received from the AAGBI, a number of prospective trainees now seriously consider anaesthesia as a career option. This means that safe anaesthesia will become a right for every Ugandan and not for a privileged few.”

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Anaesthesia Equipment Donations

Anaesthesia safety has improved dramatically in the past few decades due to the development of sophisticated anaesthetic equipment and the availability of reliable patient monitoring.

Many anaesthetists in developing countries work with basic equipment and no anaesthesia monitoring except for a finger on the patient’s pulse and a precordial stethoscope.
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