2018 elections results

The 2018 elections to Board/Council and the GAT Committee of the Association of Anaesthetists are now complete.

The following members will take up their new roles at the Annual Members Meeting, held Thursday 27 September 2018 during the Annual Congress in Dublin:

  • Dr Ravi Gill (Southampton) Honorary Treasurer Elect
  • Dr Tei Sheraton (Cardiff) - Honorary Membership Secretary Elect
  • Dr Robert Self (London) Board/Council member
  • Dr Mike Kinsella (Bristol) - Board/Council member
  • Dr Peter Young (Kings Lynn) - Board/Council member

The following GAT Committee members will take up roles their roles at the GAT ASM in Scotland, 4-6 July 2018:

  • Dr Rhys Clyburn (Cardiff)
  • Dr David Nesvadba (Aberdeen)
  • Dr Lucy Powell (North Cumbria)
  • Dr Divya Raviraj (Aberdeen)
  • Dr Karen Stacey (London)

Warm congratulations to all of the successful candidates and our commiserations to those who were unsuccessful this time.

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