AAGBI and GAT Committee response to the Report from the UK Shape of Training Steering Group (UKSTSG)

The Association of Anaesthetists of Great Britain and Ireland (AAGBI) and its Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) Committee acknowledge the work of the UK Shape of Training Steering Group in beginning the process of implementing the 19 recommendations of the Shape of Training Report.

We recognise that the health needs of the population and the expectations of the medical workforce are changing and systems need to adapt. We believe anaesthesia is well positioned currently to do this and we will keep working for our members to ensure suitable outcomes. The AAGBI prioritises patient safety and medical education and the GAT Committee shares the view that any changes to medical training should cause minimal disruption to current service. We commend efforts to concentrate on the most achievable recommendations from the report.

The anaesthetic training programme already meets many of the recommendations set out by the UKSTSG. The training programme in anaesthesia emphasises our training of ‘generalists’ with  competency-based general clinical and non-clinical training in a range of specialties, and the maintenance of relevant skills to manage emergency scenarios.

The GAT Committee believes anaesthetic trainees should continue to have opportunities to work out of programme in academic and other clinical settings.
We support wholeheartedly the further development of flexible training, which, in our view, should be available to all trainees who wish to work less than full time. We are aware of trainees being supported by local employers and the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) to work less than full time in anaesthesia while pursuing other career and life goals.

We note with interest that intensive care medicine has been discussed as a potential area for credentialing. The GAT Committee welcomes the RCoA, Faculty of Intensive Care Medicine and other stakeholders working closely together in a curriculum review for the benefit of our trainees who are undertaking dual training in anaesthesia and intensive care.

The AAGBI and GAT Committee have long been advocates of mentoring within healthcare organisations and are pleased to see specific reference to its benefits for doctors in ‘transition’ periods of their careers such as new consultants. We continue to be interested to hear the thoughts of our members on the recent Shape of Training update and welcome email correspondence to GAT@aagbi.org.

Dr Deirdre Conway
Chair, GAT Committee
  Dr Paul Clyburn
President, AAGBI

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