AAGBI response to The Long-term Sustainability of the NHS

The AAGBI welcomes the recommendations published in the House of Lords Select Committee Report on The Long-term Sustainability of the NHS and Adult Social Care.

AAGBI President, Dr Paul Clyburn said “Having stressed in our own written submission and through the AABGI's own report The Age and the Anaesthetist, the current situation is not financially sustainable. There is a pressing requirement for greater funding for both infrastructure and staffing.  The NHS needs to be safeguarded from continual changes in government policy and incessant re-organisation with its associated costs.”

“Therefore we welcome the Committee’s call for better long-term planning and realistic funding within the NHS, to address the impact of changing demographic needs, the workforce and skills mix in the NHS and the stability of health and social care funding relative to demand.”

In their submission, the AAGBI also highlighted the RCoA’s Workforce Census, which indicated a worrying shortfall in anaesthetists joining the NHS workforce. The AAGBI welcomes the Committee’s call for Government to commission an independent review to examine the impact on pay, morale and retention of health and care staff.

As anaesthetists and in representing the specialty, the AAGBI firmly believes that the safety of all patients is paramount, and welcomes the report's recommendations for preventative healthcare measures, that will not only improve the health of a growing and ageing population, but also mitigate demands on the NHS.


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