Honours & Award and Prizewinners from WSM London

The Honours and Award recipients from WSM London are:

The Evelyn Baker Medal

Dr Sally Millett
Honorary Membership Mr Harrie Cooke
The AAGBI Award Dr Ruth Mayall & Dr Michael Peters
AAGBI Foundation Award Dr J Bernard Liban
Pask Award Dr Rola Hallam
Pask Award Surg Cdr Julie Robin, Lt Col Ollie Bartels, Wg Cdr Natalie Glover, Wg Cdr Karen Smyth, Surg Lt Cdr Rex Kinnear-Mellor, Surg Lt Cdr Bentley Waller, Maj Damian Keene, Maj Abiola Ladele, Maj Euan McIntosh, Maj Ben Taylor, Sqn Ldr Helen Surgenor, Maj Tony Badh, Maj Andre Carneiro, Maj Jason Cupitt, Maj David Inwald, Maj Mark Knights, Maj Finbar O’Sullivan, Maj Sukumar Sudheer, Maj Neil Sutcliffe, Capt Andrew Lumley & Capt Laura Robertson

The Prizewinners from WSM London are:

2014 Innovation Prize for Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain

Winner Dr Maryanne Mariyaselvam - The Non Injectable Arterial Connector (NIC)
Runner-Up  Dr Peter Young - SafeTwire guidewire: Guiding the future to safer central venous cannulation
Runner-Up Mr Robert Neighbour & Dr Roger J Eltringham - Prototype paediatric ventilator for use in low-resource settings


Audit Category
1st Prize Dr C Greet - Don’t forget to flush – and prove it!
2nd Prize Dr A Wickham on behalf of the Pan London Perioperative Audit and Research Network - The quality of intraoperative cerebral protection in the elderly: an audit of London practice
3rd Prize Dr P Howells - Prevention of propofol infusion  syndrome with the aid of electronic prescriptions in a district general intensive care unit
Case Reports
1st Prize Dr S Soni - Stress induced life threatening laryngeal oedema
2nd Prize Dr Á Heaney - Drug-induced cardiomyopathy in a paediatric patient
3rd Prize Dr D John - Lactic acidosis and thiamine theatre
Original Research
1st Prize Dr S Karmali - Vagal modulation by sham feeding and post-operative gastrointestinal dysfunction following elective orthopaedic surgery
2nd Prize Dr J Rutherford - Testing the reliability, validity and usability of the prototype Anaesthetic Non-Technical Skills - Anaesthetic Practitioner (ANTS-AP) behaviour rating system
3rd Prize Dr A Docherty - Epidemiology and outcomes of older patients admitted to Scottish intensive care units: a national database linkage study
1st Prize Miss J Lunkiewicz - Perception of quality in Anaesthesia - a survey based in Great Western Hospital, Swindon, UK
2nd Prize Dr L McNulty - A survey of emergency anaesthesia provision in the cardiac catheterisation laboratory
3rd Prize Dr G Fitzpatrick - Elective surgery and the combined oral contraceptive pill- to postpone surgery or not?




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