Joint Association of Anaesthetists and Royal College of Anaesthetists 2018 Trainee Salary Survey

The introduction of the new terms and conditions of the 2016 junior doctor contact in England highlighted many issues for trainees, in particular that of pay. Following the 2017 August job changeover, the Royal College of Anaesthetists (College) and the Association of Anaesthetists (Association), were made aware of multiple issues surrounding pay for trainees. 

In response, the Association and the College surveyed its trainee members to capture evidence of the scale of the problems. Thank you to all who completed the survey.  The 2017 survey results can be found here. The results were used to strengthen our joint engagement and advocacy work with national organisations such as NHS Employers, who developed the following resources to help:

Following our pressure we had a promise of improvements but we are aware that some of the issues raised in this 2017 survey remain a serious concern to both organisations and we would like to assess the size of this.

2018 Survey
Trainee members of the Association and the College are again being called upon to share their experiences of changes in the timeliness and accuracy of salary payments since the 2017 survey.

Please complete the online survey here.

Please complete the survey by 17:00, Thursday 20 December 2018.

Next steps
Both the College and the Association will continue to raise the issue of late and incorrect payments with NHS Employers and use feedback from the 2018 survey to press for further change.

If you have any specific questions about the survey or would like to contact:

•    the Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee, please email:
•    the Royal College of Anaesthetists, please email:

Dr Sally El-Ghazali                    Dr Jamie Strachan
Chair, Trainee Committee        Trainee Member of Council
Association of Anaesthetists     Royal College of Anaesthetists

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