Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS: A Consultation

Members may be aware of a recent NHS England consultation document titled: "Managing Conflicts of Interest in the NHS: A Consultation".

The national news headline, when the consultation document was released, focused on the proposal for doctors to be required to declare their level of income from any work undertaken outside their primary NHS contract. This one proposal in the document provoked strong feelings amongst many doctors. The AAGBI has responded to the whole consultation document, as well as addressing this particular proposal.  The full AAGBI response will be posted on the AAGBI website in due course, with the government response. In the meantime you can find out more about the consultation through the NHS England website:

Until the full response is publisued we wish to highlight:

  • the AAGBI believes that if a medical practitioner can demonstrate they are fulfilling their contracted duties, both clinical and non-clinical, for their primary NHS employer, they should be allowed to undertake additional work (performed in their 'own time') without hindrance;
  • the AAGBI supports transparency in the timing and location of these additional duties, but feels it unnecessary to declare income from such work, as this information would not be helpful to their employer, or the wider public, in determining if the employee fulfils their duties, or if there is a Conflict of Interest.

Other organisations have submitted responses and statements following the publication of this consultation document and their statements can be found by following the links below:

BMA (British Medical Association)

FIPO (Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations)

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