New guidance on reflective learning

The AAGBI's GAT Committee welcomes the ongoing work revising guidance on reflective practice for doctors in the wake of the Dr Bawa-Garba case. Many issues have been highlighted by this case, with reflective practice being one that many trainees have raised concerns about (although the new guidance is equally valid to non-trainees undertaking appraisal and reflection).

The AoMRC and COPMeD have released a joint statement, publishing interim guidance on reflective practice featuring ten key principles for doctors in training. Over the last few weeks, the GAT Committee has heard from many trainees regarding reflection and e-portfolio entry, so such guidance is timely.

This is a profession-wide issue but we have heard your concerns about reflection within your training requirements. We urge schools of anaesthesia to also read the RCoA's guidance. We will continue to work closely with the RCoA to support anaesthetists in training and our trainers.

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