Oxygen reservoir wins Anaesthesia Prize for Innovation

The 5th AAGBI Award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain has been awarded to Robert Neighbour and Roger Eltringham, a team from Diamedica (UK) Ltd, assisted by the charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide, for their innovative project ‘An oxygen reservoir for use in difficult environments’. This new technology facilitates the storing of oxygen in a reservoir and is suitable for use in low-income countries and remote locations, where standard oxygen cylinders are expensive, difficult to transport and are frequently unavailable.

Dr Eltringham receiving the 2017 AAGBI Award for Innovation

Upon receiving the award on behalf of the team, Dr Eltringham said “As a keen supporter of the AAGBI Award for Innovation, the team are delighted not only to have won first prize with our oxygen reservoir project, but also to be recognised with our related project, ’The SOLOX System™’, using solar energy to produce oxygen. There is a huge need for this technology in low-resourced hospitals and its potential to be used more widely is vast. We would like to thank Diamedica (UK) Ltd and the charity Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide for their invaluable support. We’re delighted that we can donate our prize money to the charity to enable them to continue their work.”

The joint runners up for the AAGBI Award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain are ‘The SOLOXTM System’ by Susan Dorsch, Roger Eltringham, Ylva Konsburg, Robert Neighbour and David Peel, also assisted by Safe Anaesthesia Worldwide, and the Tansen Videolaryngoscope’: a low-cost device for resource-limited settings, combining a smartphone-compatible endoscope and 3D printed blade by Dr Chris Lambert, Royal Free Hospital, London. The AAGBI would like to thank the following organisations for supporting the 2017 AAGBI Award for Innovation: Fannin, Intersurgical and Fujifilm Sonosite.

The AAGBI Award for Innovation in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Pain is open to all anaesthetists and intensive care doctors, with the emphasis on new ideas contributing to patient safety, high-quality clinical care and improvements in the working environment. The 2018 Award will open in May.

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