What anaesthetists do

An anaesthetist is a doctor who has specialised training in anaesthesia. An anaesthetist will care for you during your operation and will:

  • Discuss types of anaesthesia with you and find out what you would like, helping you to make choices.
  • Discuss the risks of anaesthesia with you
  • Agree a plan with you for your anaesthetic and pain control
  • Be responsible for giving your anaesthetic and for your wellbeing and safety throughout your surgery
  • Manage any blood transfusions you may need
  • Plan your care, if needed, in the Intensive Care Unit or High Dependency Unit
  • Make your experience as calm and pain free as possible.

Anaesthetists are involved in over 60% of all hospital admissions. In addition to providing care during operations, anaesthetists are also involved in managing pain relief during childbirth, pain clinics, intensive care, high dependency and resuscitation services, as well as hospital administration, teaching and training, research and audit.

The AAGBI produces a series of information booklets for the profession that may also be of interest to patients:
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Independent Practice Download pdf »

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