Service Pressures in Emergency Care

The AAGBI is aware that at present there are increasing, and at times unprecedented, demands for emergency care at acute hospitals. Extraordinary times may require extraordinary measures, and AAGBI members have been requested to assist in areas outside their normal practice. In addition to a joint statement from the RCoA and AAGBI on the impact of such requests on trainees has been published recently, the AAGBI offers the following advice for consultants and other non-trainee members.

View the AAGBI Position Statement: Service Pressures in Emergency Care

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Use of anaesthesia trainees to cover ED care

I think this is a wholly inappropriate response to the current ED crisis.  There have been ongoing crises in anesthetic manpower in most UK departments for a prolonged time, and these have been wholly managed within anaesthesia directorates, as would seem the only solution.  I can see a precipitation of acute problems in terms of both safety and training if anaesthesia trainees are devolved to ED cover.  They often barely manage to reach the required competencies as it is.  Furthermore, they would be working outside their areas of competence, and by the very defined nature of the ED crisis, I can foresee inadequate supervision being available.  I would urge you to resist involvement of our trainees in ED care, except in the case of major incidents and such like.