Trainee Network Leads (TNL)


This initiative aims to enhance direct dialogue between trainees at regional level and the Trainee Committee (previously known as the GAT Committee) and to help develop a network system to facilitate communication of issues, ideas and opportunities across regions. We now have a TNL in all regions in the UK and Ireland, and we hope with your help to retain these links. So far, we have gathered reports on local issues, initiatives and ideas and received some excellent feedback; despite the pressures on training there is a formidable amount of hard work going on at local level by motivated groups of trainees and trainers and we hope this scheme can evolve to keep supporting this energy and enthusiasm within our specialty. 

For a full summary of all that Trainee Committee and the Association of Anaesthetists have been doing on your behalf, and to keep up to date with changes, please visit our Junior doctors' contract page. You may be wondering about our position regarding industrial action. We are a membership organisation, not a union, and so are unable to organise or suggest this to our members. Our members will need to decide for themselves, without influence, whether they wish to partake in any action. However, we understand that many of our members feel very strongly about this issue (as we do) and that industrial action is one way of demonstrating the strength of opinion that people feel. We believe that it is vital that any action is taken lawfully and organised in the proper manner via the BMA, and would encourage you to contact them about this. The BMA have now decided to ballot their members regarding industrial action, and we will in turn keep our webpages and information sources up to date so that our members can feel supported, educated and encouraged in their decision by the Trainee Committee. I will be in touch again shortly with more information to spread to trainees within your regions. In the meantime, please disseminate this information absoutely ASAP, it's vital that we have a rapid and strong response to this. I would like to know what you think, so please get in touch directly to me or to if you have any quiries or ideas on how to proceed.