Independent Practice Committee (IPC) update September 2018

After a brief lull in activity over August the Association and IPC are in full swing again. The Association of Anaesthetists' year begins in September bringing a change in council members, and 2018 sees a new President, Officers and Committee chairs. After four years as a council member, including two years as IPC chair, I have reached the end of my term and stand down from the Association. I am handing over the chair of the IPC to Mathew Patteril who will continue to work hard on behalf of members engaged in independent practice.

A brief update on a few important areas concerning the IPC before I go:

IPC guideline/handbook

The newly updated Independent Practice guideline, titled 'Anaesthetic practice in the independent sector' is in the final stages of approval and will be published shortly. I hope this will be a useful resource for those undertaking independent practice and especially for those considering doing so.

IPC survey

Publication of the IPC survey has now been approved. We plan to repeat the survey in 2019. Thank you to all of you who replied. 

Federation of Independent Practitioner Organisations (FIPO)

The IPC is aware of a growing number of anaesthetists finding themselves in conflict with some private medical insurers (PMIs). This is mostly related to fee schedules, shortfalls and threats of derecognition unless certain terms and conditions of engagement are agreed. The Association has decided to move towards re-joining FIPO  in order to best represent the interests of our members engaged in independent practice. FIPO represents a significant number of medical organisations with an interest in practice in the independent sector. Adding our anaesthetic voice and knowledge will be an excellent way of representing our members nationally.

PHIN (Private Hospital Information Network)

PHIN continue to work towards full publication of outcome measures and fees for all clinicians engaged in independent practice, as directed to do so following the Competition Market Authority (CMA) ruling in 2014. Ensuring these outcome measures and fees are accurate and useful for patients is a big challenge for PHIN. Please do keep an eye on their progress: 

Many thanks to all who have engaged with the IPC and guided me through my term as Chair.