Independent Practice 

Information about independent practice is not commonly available and yet it is often the subject of questions asked by members. In this section of the website you will find information and resources about independent practice and to provide advice and guidance for those consultants involved in private practice.

Medico-legal practice in anaesthesia - a guide for the curious

Medico-legal work can be broadly divided into personal injury and negligence. The former entails examining clients who are making claims for injuries they have sustained outside the medical arena, often occupational in nature, e.g. repetitive strain injury or back pain, or following an accident, e.g. whiplash or nerve damage leading to a chronic regional pain syndrome. While much of this work is performed by our orthopaedic colleagues, it can provide a useful source of income for the chronic pain specialist, who will often encounter patients in need of an insurance report in the course of their daily duties. However, this guidance is aimed squarely at clinical negligence work and the role of the medico-legal expert Download medico-legal practice in anaesthesia - a guide for the curious

Appraisal and revalidation for full time independent practitioners
Members active in full time private practice may have concerns about the arrangements that are in place for appraisal and revalidation.  FIPO provides an appraisal service and publishes advice on revalidation. Click here for the link
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Independent Practice Committee

The committee deals with matters relating to independent anaesthetic practice including NHS work in the private sector and working with private health insurers.

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Independent Practice Guidelines

Independent practiceIndependent Practice Download pdf »

Voluntary Code of Practice for Billing Private Patients Download pdf »