The Shape of LTFT 2015

A summary of the day for the AABGI LTFT Network

Dr Anna Pierson, LTFT Network Contact for the Birmingham School of Anaesthesia

About 35 LTFT trainees and consultants attended the 'Shape of LTFT 2015' day at the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA) on 6 May 2015. It was an extremely useful day, not only in terms of gathering helpful tips and information regarding current LTFT training, but also as a great opportunity to meet trainees and trainers from across the country.

The shape of LTFT training is advancing with each year, and we are becoming a growing part of the workforce. One standout message was that, as LTFT trainees, we are to be valued and indeed bring much to a department. For those of us nearing consultancy, it was also reassuring to hear that we are as likely to be appointed as a consultant and progress within our chosen areas as those training full time. According to the most recent GMC Training Survey, LTFT trainees make up 11.3% of all trainees, with an average of 12.8% within Anaesthetics (so we are above average!). This is a significant rise from 8.7% in 2009.

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