The Group of Anaesthetists in Training Committee

The Group of Anaesthetists in Training (GAT) Committee provides a focus for the interests of trainee members of the AAGBI and to represent trainee views at the Board of Directors and other AAGBI committees.

Through its work the committee promotes training, the practice of anaesthesia, and communication amongst trainee anaesthetists. It works with the Education Committee and events team to plan the GAT Annual Scientific Meeting and contribute to trainee specifc elements of the AAGBI educational programme.

In addition to their work representing the interests of trainees within the Association, committee members also represent the AAGBI trainee members through external consultation with other medical organisations.

Please note, nominations to stand for election to the GAT Committee are now closed.


GAT Committee members

Meet the members of the GAT Committee.

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You can contact members of the GAT committee by the AAGBI's Twitter account @AAGBI #ASKGAT