Trainee committee members

The Trainee Committee comprises of elected members, the Association Honorary Secretary, and co-opted members which include trainee representatives from the RCoA Council and BMA and a trainee representative from the Republic of Ireland. Elected officers can hold posts for up to two years.

The Committee conducts its day-to-day business electronically but meets four times a year for a group discussion and formal meeting. During these meetings, reports are received from committees and working parties upon which  has representation; and current projects are discussed, such as the ASM, Trainee Handbook, and annual surveys. You can contact members of the Trainee committee by the Twitter account @AAGBI_GAT #ASKGAT

Sally El-Ghazali Dr Sally El-Ghazali (Chair)
ST6, London
Twitter: @sally_ghazali

Dr Simon Denning (Honorary Secretary)
ST6, Nottingham

Twitter: @SiDenning

Dr Roopa McCrossan (Vice Chair)
ST6, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne
Dr Katy Miller

Dr Katy Miller (Trainee Network Lead Officer)
ST7, Birmingham

Elected Members
Dr Satinder Dalay Dr Satinder Dalay
ST7, Birmingham
 Dr Keith Hodgson Dr Keith Hodgson
ST5, Edinburgh
Dr Eoin Kelleher Dr Eoin Kelleher
SAT3, Dublin
Dr Natalie Mincher
ST6, Cardiff
Dr Thomas Wojcikiewicz

Dr Thomas Wojcikiewicz
ST7, London


Dr Rhys Clyburn

ST5, Cardiff


Dr David Nesvadba

ST7 , Aberdeen


Dr Lucy Powell

ST5, North Cumbria

 Diva Raviraj

Dr Divya Raviraj

ST5, Aberbeen


Dr Karen Stacey

ST6, London


Dr Gareth Lodwick

Trainee Conference 2019 local organiser

Dr Matthew Tuck
BMA JDC Representative
Dr Coilin Collins Smyth
CAT Republic of Ireland Representative

Dr Emma McLaughlin
Defence Anaesthesia Representative

Dr Felicity Corcoran
RCoA Representative

Dr Thomas James

SAS Representative

Council Representatives of the Association of Anaesthetists
Ex-Officio members: All Officers
Dr Nancy Redfern (Vice President)
Dr William Fawcett (Chair of Education)

In attendance:
Ms Nicola Heard
Ms Karin Pappenheim
Mr Zack Puttock

Secretariat lead: Mr Andrew Fyles