History of GAT

Trainee anaesthetists were first permitted to become Associate members of the AAGBI in 1956. However, they had no representation and no voting rights.

In 1967, under the Association Presidency of Dr Pinkerton, the Associates in Training Group was established, and a constitution drawn up. The elected committee of five trainees met twice a year to represent less than 100 members and initially had non-voting representation on Council.

In 1970, the constitution changed: two members of the trainees’ committee were admitted to Council with full voting rights, and all trainee members were given full voting rights within the Association. The name also changed to the Junior Anaesthetists Group (JAG).

In the early 1990s, as juniors became known as trainees, JAG became GAT and the number of elected Committee members rose to ten.

In the 21st century, GAT has over 3500 members, all of whom have voting rights within the Association. An annual postal ballot of all GAT members is held to elect the Committee of twelve and we meet four times a year. Next year marks the 50th anniversary of GAT.