What is the role of a Trainee Network Lead (TNL)?

We expect a TNL to be an enthusiastic trainee at any stage of training, keen to be actively involved and quick to respond to queries from the Trainee Committee. The post is held for a minimum of 12 months, and includes a number of varied and stimulating responsibilities that, as well as improving personal and professional development in areas such as leadership and management, will make for engaging discussion at ARCP. It is a pleasure to see that several past TNLs have subsequently run for and successfully become democratically elected members of the Trainee Committee.
Formal TNL responsibilities include:

  • To help raise the profile and encourage membership of the Association of Anaesthetists, by ensuring local trainees are aware of the multitude of services and support that are available from the Association.
  • To disseminate information from the Trainee Committee and the Association, including regular e-newsletters and ‘hot’ or political topics of note.
  • To advertise and encourage trainee attendance and participation at the annual Trainee Conference (previously known as the GAT ASM).
  • To discuss via email, local forums or regional trainee groups any issues that arise within your region, and feedback concerns to GAT for consideration and action at a national level.
  • To keep the Trainee Committee informed of local ideas, progress and examples of excellence that are to be recognised and might be of benefit to trainees elsewhere in the UK and Ireland.
  • To aim to attend the annual Trainee Conference and the Linkman Conference, where TNL meetings are held to meet the Trainee Committee and to allow networking and discussion to occur.
  • To complete and return an annual feedback and information form.
  • To ensure the role of TNL is self-sustaining by establishing the next regional TNL prior to stepping-down.

Please note, the Trainee Committee does not have specific funding for the Trainee Network Lead Scheme and for the work performed by the TNLs. The Trainee Committee hugely appreciates the work undertaken by the TNLs, and to show our thanks we usually arrange, for example, a complementary dinner invite at the Trainee Conference. We also send a formal letter on behalf of the Association of Anaesthetists and the Trainee Committee annually which can be used as portfolio evidence and, in addition, as a TNL you may be given the opportunity to attend meetings on behalf of GAT and to be involved in Association or trainee related initiatives such as working parties, audit and research. We would encourage TNLs to take these up when offered. For more information, please contact gat@aagbi.org.

Please note: The Trainee Network Scheme, and the work done for it by the TNLs, does not have specific funding.  The Trainee Committee really appreciates the support of the TNLs and will ensure the maximum use of email and internet to avoid their incurring costs.

If you are interested in becoming a TNL, please complete a proposal form. Download the proposal form »