Useful documents, articles and resources relevant to Less Than Full Time (LTFT) trainees

Following on from “LTFT Training in Anaesthesia:  An Update”, published in the December 2011 edition of Anaesthesia News, we thought it would be useful for both trainees and trainers to summarise some useful sources of information and support for LTFT trainees in Anaesthesia.

Locally many Schools of Anaesthesia will have a LTFT training advisor who along with the Training Programme Director co-ordinates the training programme for part-time trainees. In addition the LTFT training advisor and the local Human Resources Department should be able to advise on local procedures for applying for training less than full time.  Established LTFT trainees can be an invaluable source of information regarding how LTFT training works locally and also on other practical aspects e.g. childcare.  There may also be a local LTFT trainee forum and trainee representative who arranges meetings to discuss experiences and resolve common problems.

The AAGBI via the Support and Wellbeing pages of the website provides an archive of useful articles relevant to LTFT training.  The GAT webpages hosts an “A to Z Guide to LTFT Training” which contains up to date information collated from many sources including the Royal College of Anaesthetists (RCoA), the British Medical Association (BMA) and NHS Employers, as well as a useful contacts list.

The RCoA has a Bernard Johnson Advisor with specific responsibility for LTFT Training.  Their role is to provide advice to trainees regarding part time training as well as supporting local LTFT training Advisors, Regional Advisors and College Tutors on matters relating to LTFT training.  The RCoA website also has a section dedicated to LTFT training.

The BMA has a Guide to Flexible Training and can provide advice on many work related issues to members and also offer services such a contract checking. NHS Employers also produce a booklet on LTFT Training entitled “Principles Underpinning the New Arrangements for Flexible Training”.

Finally GAT has two LTFT representatives, Anna Costello and Emma Plunkett who can be contacted regarding any issues relating to LTFT training at