Wellbeing and Support

We recognise the importance of supporting members' wellbeing. Contact is welcomed from members with regard to any professional or personal issue that requires support. Find out more about the initiatives that support the wellbeing of our members and the anaesthetic speciality.  We support the Doctors for Doctors scheme, an offshoot of the BMA Counselling Service which provides 24 hour access to help. A number of these advisors are anaesthetists, and if you wish, you can speak to a colleague in the specialty.

Let's #FightFatigue within the healthcare profession
Together with the RCoA and the FICM we are committed to supporting healthcare leaders and managers with practical solutions to help them to fight fatigue in the workplace. Help us to #FightFatigue within the healthcare profession by visiting our campaign page.

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Getting the most from your career in difficulty Do you need help
   For support and advise on to patient related issues.