AAGBI Education Event Bursary Scheme

The purpose of the AAGBI Education Event Bursary Scheme is to support members returning to work after a period of sickness and/or disability related absence from the workplace and who need financial assistance to update and maintain their CPD. This scheme offers financial assistance in the form a free or reduced cost place at an AAGBI event for those who are not able to fund themselves.

How to apply

Applicants must complete and return the bursary application form to the AAGBI Events Department (nicola@aagbi.org) at the time of registering to attend an AAGBI event.

Application forms must be received by the early bird members’ deadline date for conference registration.  If there is no early bird rate, then it should be received no later then 2 months prior the meeting taking place.

Applications will be considered by a panel and will be treated on an individual basis and based on supporting information provided.  History of any previous applications will also be taken into account.

All enquiries on bursary applications should be directed to nicola@aagbi.org.


It is recognised that some of the information provided by the applicant is likely to include sensitive personal data and this will be treated in the strictest confidence.


To be eligible for the bursary scheme, potential beneficiaries must meet the following criteria:
All applicants:

  • Have to be or have been a member of the AAGBI.
  • Will have a full or provisional GMC/IMC registration.
  • Have insufficient income or no financial support from their employer or other funding to meet the costs of the event.
  • Are unable to undertake paid employment due to an illness or disability that is likely to resolve within the next year to a point whereby paid employment would become realistic.
  • Can only apply for one bursary per year.
  • Have to disclose their current salary at the time of applying for the bursary.
  • Have to provide proof of absence from their employment.
  • Have to confirm their learning objectives.


  • Are for AAGBI events only
  • Can be either part of full cost of the event registration fee plus a capped amount for travel costs and subject to the length of travel needed.  

Download the application form >>