Coffee and a Gas



Introducing Coffee and a Gas
Conversations are important to help us share our experiences and reduce stress levels. The #CoffeeandaGas initiative was launched on International Stress Awareness Day 2017 by the Association of Anaesthetists Trainee Committee as a way to promote improved workplace wellbeing. It provides an opportunity for colleagues to take some time out of a busy working day and come together for chat over a “brew” to share their concerns.

There has been a fantastic initial response, with many of you taking the time to catch up with colleagues and sharing your photos using #CoffeeandaGas on social media. Now we’re encouraging more departments to take part by planning regular Coffee and a Gas sessions and inviting their wider teams along.

Plan your next Coffee and a Gas

If this is an induction week at your hospital, why not plan a Coffee and a Gas session for getting to know new colleagues?

Promotional materials
Download the poster, add the details of your event and put it up on your department notice boards.

Download the image and use post it on social media to promote your event using #CoffeeandaGas.

Charity cake sale
Increase the feel-good factor by combining your Coffee and a Gas with a cake sale for the Association’s SAFE Africa fundraising campaign by asking your colleagues to bring baked goods!

Get in touch with us by email to request a SAFE Africa donation tin and other fundraising materials.

Concern for a colleague
If you have a conversation with a colleague that concerns you, please access our support pages or contact our wellbeing support by email.

Future dates
Start planning ahead for next year’s first official Coffee and a Gas date:

Remember you can always #CoffeeandaGas at any time that suits you and your colleagues!