AAGBI Mentoring Scheme

The AAGBI Mentoring scheme has been set up so that members interested in having a mentor or receiving coaching can access a team of trained AAGBI mentors throughout the country. 

This is a voluntary scheme for both mentors and mentees, with services being provided free of charge. Potential mentees can book a session with one of our trained mentors in their region via the scheme.

Find a mentor in your region by clicking on the pins in the map below.

How to choose a mentor

  • Potential mentee to specify (on the booking form below) the region in which they wish to attend a mentoring session. The AAGBI will give the mentee 2-3 options for available mentors in the region. Please note, we avoid matching mentors with mentees from the same hospital, unless this is specified as a preference.
  • The potential mentee chooses which of these they would prefer, or indicates they have no preference
  • Mentee completes the booking form and returns it to nicola@aagbi.org
  • The AAGBI will contact the chosen mentor to check availability, if unavailable the AAGBI aims to find mentees an alternative mentor in their region
  • The AAGBI will send confirmation emails to both the mentor and mentee passing on the respective contact details           
  • It is up to the mentor/mentee to communicate and arrange the time and place for their first and subsequent session
  • If the mentee has not been in contact/responded to the mentor’s e-mail in one month the mentor is asked to inform the AAGBI
  • The AAGBI will request written feedback from the mentee and mentor on completion of the final session